you really ought to have a rest

I want to give up all sleep thoughts and impulses, but do not, nor can.
This worldly road long short not short, go straight, round and long felt short; go hard, tired of depressed and short too long.
For the suffering and hardships, can not choose to escape and escape, because the more you escape it more resistance in front of you, the more you want to escape from it is clinging to you, as the shadow follows the form, leave you endlessly, forcing you to have a breathless sense of suffocation, you can only choose strong to face and overcome you win, it will disappear Not the least trace was found., and you will grow again a big step.
In life, maybe you can have lots of partners, can be life on the road, a lot of the time you are not attached, you must own a person to go, you must pass it on a lot of intersection, a choice must be made to own at each intersection to go.
The choice itself is no right or wrong, smooth, choose a shortcut, you can light step along the road side, your life will be the clear light. The ups and downs, detour, you will step forward distress stumbled, but you will go to see the scenery than people much experience, your life will be more and more fullness. So the choice should be to go, you know, in this world are the people come out, do not say no way, not When cut a road., every water bypass.
Some life suffering is God does not love you, "hit to you, some things you do not reason not smart enough (or not cunning) ask for it. Don't use their God given you blame, who told you this catastrophe in the life?! Ask for it has not complained, or not to say, is God it will laugh at you.
People ah! Hard to say, not difficult not difficult also, see if you can look to see, often turned to see the world and state would be quite different.
Said that the life on the road, the scenery is everywhere, but the scene from the heart, sometimes to the beautiful and charming scenery you will feel that the grey, that you are really tired, rest, you really ought to have a rest.


everything is so beautiful

Although the scenic spot of tourists more than in the past for several times, but there is no blockage crowded phenomenon, the original mei lake area combined has more than three thousand Chinese acres, in addition to the centre scenic mountain man eight memorial hall, there are more than seventy large and small spots, interspersed with pavilions hin pavilions, small Bridges, wooden stack trains, garden expo garden, etc., along the way is very beautiful, visitors enter the scenic area was gradually spread out, natural don't feel crowded.
A long while talking and laughing along the way and I came up to me to enjoy the colorful spring scenery: although spring is nearing an end, but the primrose golden small broken flower still those dots scattered between the ivy leaves, still send out the vigor of life; After days of rain the moist, pink peach blossom out end up with more watery, charm more lovely; Although purity magnolia has quietly curtain call, but her sister - purple magnolia blooms is a dazzling brilliance, across a lake water and the other side of the scenery, is relative and has a fair, experiencing the naivete of The most let me heartache is pear trees covered with small white pear, clustered together, or shyly in bud, or to stretch the petals of flowers... Rosy flowers bloom, to form a picture of spring flowers, and green grass, wicker, swaying and dancing butterfly, bee, bird, and across it guy, everything is so beautiful, feel the mood is so pleasant.
Alon and I was drinking in a feast for the eyes of beautiful scenery, I suddenly heard behind the laughter of the young, ji loud-mouthed but did not understand a word, we can not help but curiously turned around and saw seven or eight alien woman slowly coming to us! Their high bridge of the nose and slightly bent, and eyes sunken deep, from the point of the appearance of them should be the arabs, but with our impression of Arab women dress up and there are different and none of them masked, around the flower head scarf, wearing jeans, a few tall woman is wearing sunglasses, except two slightly older people are very fashionable dress. Although are adults, but what's interesting is their everyone holding hands a lollipop, talking and laughing all the way a pair of very happy. The veiled and I used to imagine the face, body wrapped, unsmiling Arab woman, really should be the "ear for virtual, seeing is believing" this sentence!
One of the most striking is their head around the black scarf, wearing black robes of woman, by her choice of outfit is very close to the Arab women's traditional costume, she looks somewhat looks like a young girl, pure and elegant, the mouth is carrying a lollipop, looked somewhat is nifty and lovely, see a black girl standing under the pear tree to take several shots in the pear flower, charming smiles on the faces, could see that she also liked the flowers.
So they walk all the way with laughter in the beautiful spring scenery of lake, sending out the unique different region amorous feelings, attracted tourists from time to time to stop and look. And they don't mind people full of curious eyes, from time to time to look at their visitors waved, sometimes to the passers-by scout. Although the language, but I believe that is think of each other's goodwill, love nature, love in the spring of the heart is also think!
Back to home, when I saw the camera again that the Arab beauty, each one with a spring breeze heart welled up again at the beginning of the pleasant surprise, just a little confused, I was just in the film and television, magazines seen Arab, although from their appearance and dress up to see them should be the arabs, when not completely fully concluded that was only because he is too surprise, even forgot to ask.


Suffering is a good school

Hardship, unfortunately, pain is an inevitable part of life, since is unable to avoid, don't shy away from. When you meet misfortune suffering, don't be frightened by it, before suffering bent, bowed his head; But to raise head, dare to face, seriously, and encourage their own confidence and morale: it's nothing, you can't beat me, but on the contrary I can beat you.

Suffering is a good school. How suffering will not only teach us how to persevere, optimistic upward, how much perseverance; Will hone our will, character, and high morale, play to our potential, increase our knowledge, intelligence, ability, human standards, ability of doing things.

Not every kind of suffering misfortune is disaster. The ancients say: day will drop responsibility on people, must first strained, hungry always, the vague. Suffering is not only a kind of test, sometimes also is a kind of culture education, taught us how to break through adversity, overcome difficulties.

One lives in the stable and make a living by selling newspapers on the street, his fate, life is difficult, low status, but he with strong will and a strong interest in science, perseverance, perseverance, continue to study hard, do a wide variety of experiments, uninterrupted finally created the miracle of the scientific community, created a miracle in the world. The fate of poor, distressful people, of the miracles of science and human, is called ferrari brother. The suffering of the school education of human genius, not only has made brilliant achievements, and set an example.

Remember in an article that read such a story: one day, the students came into the classroom, found that the teacher there is a bottle containing milk on the table and a heavy stone, announced after the class, the teacher will heavy thrusts at the milk bottle. The teacher asked the students saw the wreckage of broken bottles and then say: this class is what is done cannot be undone, ACTS of remorse. In our life, suffering and misfortune is the broken bottle of milk, only knowing, who cannot save to save, that opportunity has to, but determined to repent pain and sufferings. Not only a waste of time and energy, and no bad effect, will only in vain, more worry about pain.

In many cases, we will be able to predict and control the sufferings and miseries of things happen, but also unable to predict and control the matter of the misery and misfortune came down on our heads. But we can dissolve the breadth and depth of misery and misfortune. People in the world, could not be deceived, be wronged, but you can't fool, because there is a wronged has languished, demanding complaining. But to be common in mind, with a positive attitude to cope with suffering and distress, so that you can heal wounds, not only is the direction of life, will increase his wide, get beneficial enlightenment and received good results.